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Are there things you would like to share about drama education in your country?

Dutch-FlagAt the end of their primary school years Dutch children make a musical, they are about 12 years old.
From 1982 drama is an official school subject in the Netherlands.
Drama is teached to children at the age of 4 throughout highschool. In several vocational education drama is been teached. Not so much related to theater, but to train skills and insights needed for the occupation in which the student is trained.

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  1. Holger says:

    calolld o.k. that’s cool. The website isn’t working now but I’ll certainly will look into that. For the next 1,5 year I’m busy studying on my masters but I hope after that I’ll find more time to visit conferences and teach. We have a different kind of didactics over here, we do use drama in other subjects also but our main goal is to understand theatre as an art form. That’s an interesting difference.

  2. calolld says:

    Here in the UK I’m on the committee of an organisation run for teachers by teachers called London Drama.
    We have a conference around Easter time and it has been good to share ideas with teachers from abroad, even as far as Japan, who have come to share papers or just talk about their experiences after the practical sessions.
    More international interaction would be good.
    You can find out about our upcoming conference on http://www.londondrama.org.
    Let us know of any conferences where you teach.

  3. I think we are trying to catch some theoretical and practical insights of theatre subject teaching in Lithuania and we would like to share it with others.

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