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Are there things you would like to know about drama education in the Netherlands, or drama education in general? Ask your drama-question.

Don’t forget to mention te country you live in.


  1. Holger says:

    Dear Carrol. In the Netherlands there are 5 art subjects, primary schools have go teach 3 of them (which ones they can decide for themselves). To be honest the education inspector (who controls the quality of education, what is the English word for them?) never controls if the schools really teach 3 out of 5 art subjects. Yes I know from Finland that curricula can change every few years, here in the Netherlands we make changes as we go along so we have a different system over here. There are a few bigger changes made of course but not to be considered changing the curriculum.
    I myself never studied to become a primary school teacher, I am a drama teacher (so I’m not allowed to teach no subject in primary education other than drama). My colleagues in primary education bring their kids to the drama classroom, I teach 8 or 9 groups in one day (4-12 y). After that I have to sit down…
    I also work as a drama teacher and teacher educator in teacher training.

  2. calolld says:

    Personally from the position of a UK primary school teacher in a state funded school I would like to know how much influence over your curriculum the government has and how often the curriculum has been changed.
    Also do your teaching colleagues take up your enthusiasm for drama.

  3. Holger says:

    Dear Vida, sharing information is the main goal of this website. I can promise you that I will write that book in English (it will be professionally translated, my English isn’t good enough), but first I have to put all my spare time in my masters study. Global communication is crucial, we drama/theatre teachers are in many ways alike; we have the same questions en quests. In the Netherlands we’re lucky to have a long history of drama education that adapts at the actuality of education. When you have any specific questions you know where to find me.

  4. I would like to know more about the teaching of drama or theatre as a separate subject in the Netherlands.

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