What are the basic rules?

What are the arrangements in a drama class, which rules are essential, how does an average drama class in your country work?

Dutch-FlagIn the Netherlands we work with an individual warm up, then a warm-up pairs followed bij an assignment in wich the trained skills of those warm ups are applied. The basic idea is that the teacher does not require an application of skills wich are not trained that lesson. Safety first. It is also common for students to applaud each other in order to stimulate the feeling of being competent.

Don’t forget to mention te country you live in when you leave a reply.


  1. calolld says:

    Basic respect, as you would wish in any UK primary school classroom, generally covers the rules in any drama but there would be ground rules decided by the teacher and the class. If the teacher is in role the children have to accept and react accordingly. If the pupils are watching others in role it is best to stress we comment on what we think is good and useful for us all.

  2. In Lithuania the essential rules during theatre lessons are those which are established by every teacher and group of students. I think it is not important to stress the formal rules. The thinking about the meaning – what we are doing now – and what are the aesthetic properties of behaviour on the stage and in real life are important mostly.

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