Drama teacher or classroom teacher?

Is there a drama teacher training in your country? Is drama exclusively teached by certified drama teachers, or (also) by classroom teachers?

Dutch-FlagIn the Netherlands there are courses to become a certified drama teacher, the first Dutch school to become a dramateacher started in the 50s. But drama in primary education is manely provided by the classroom teacher. For the simple reason that it costs too much money to hire a certified drama teacher.

Don’t forget to mention te country you live in when you leave a reply.



  1. Holger says:

    calolld, okee so dramateachers in the UK are allowed to work as classroom teachers also? Dramateachertraining in Holland certainly isn’t fit for that 🙂

  2. calolld says:

    I trained as a Drama teacher but have always worked as a classroom teacher in Primary Schools using drama wherever I saw fit across the curriculum.

  3. In Lithuania the education of theatre teachers started in 2005. The theatre subject is taught by certified theatre teachers mainly. The classroom teachers or teachers of other subjects apply drama/theatre methods.

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