International research on drama education

My research arose from the following idea: drama teachers in different countries are often struggling with the same issues (questions, problems) and have basically similar experiences. We could support each other by listening to each others stories and react to them, but visiting each other is not always that easy.
My ambition is to research this in order to create a platform where sharing stories that are meaningful to our professional development can take place in way that could stimulate mutual learning.
The basic idea is inspired by the work of Geert Kelchtermans.

A (drama) teacher describes a story, an issue that is important in his or hers professional development. Colleagues from different countries respond to that story. The one who is telling the story is helped because it is approached from different positions (points of view from different educational cultures). And the responding teachers help themselves because they are confronted with their own positions (which stimulates a certain self-consciousness).

I’m not so much after intercultural understanding: the stories and reactions should encourage subject-specific insights. Still the things Appiah (cosmopolitism) writes about inter-global responsibility and acceptance of others appeal to me. The thought that we could inspire each other through our stories about drama education in our own country is a nice and warm one.
I would like to work with three colleagues from different countries and I will also take part. We will interact in a closed facebook group.
After one round of stories between the participants, I would like to look for a common subject-matter to see what happens when we write our stories on the same issue. I hope I can take my findings to a group of international students in Denmark to analyze and interpret the data.

At the end it would be nice to come up with a structure or theory that stimulates mutual learning between drama teachers from different parts of the world. Learning about drama education in other countries, learning by reacting on each others stories and issues. We all call ourselves drama teachers, so we are a kind of community, right?

At this point we started with colleagues from the UK, the USA, from France, Pakistan and the Netherlands. If you would like to know more about this research please use the contact form.

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