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This website started january 2014 to gather information about drama education worldwide. Of most school subjects we have a pretty good idea ​​how it works in other countries, but not that much when it comes to drama education. The main question I want to ask you is how drama education looks like in your country.
I hope you want to answer some questions about drama education in your country and read reply’s of others.

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Are you not that spectaculair in writing English? Use google translate, I do. This website is mainly about sharing information, not that much about writing flawless. Do you know people in other countries, send them the link of this website and stimulate the global knowledge about drama education. Even if there is no drama education in your country, please reply too!

What am I going to do with your information?
The main thing here is to gather data, information on how drama is been tought in different countries. Eventually I will use the information to write about the didactics of drama (drama methodology in the 21st century).

Thank you for your participation!


PS: if you want to answer only one question, that’s no problem. And don’t be discouraged if someone who lives in the same country as you are already has answered some questions, the more people from te same country answer them the better.